I’m pretty excited about this one.

Not that I’m ever not excited about a coffee I offer, but this one represents some very special concepts unique to specialty coffee.

      • First, it’s a microlot, which, like many buzz words, can mean a range of definitions. But in this case it means this coffee can be traced to a specific area of a specific farm harvested on a specific day.
      • Second, it’s a natural process coffee, not common in Central American coffees. Most coffees are “washed” or “wet-processed,” meaning after the cherries are harvested, the seed (what we all refer to as the coffee “bean”) is extracted, washed and dried. Natural process, in simple terms, begins the drying process with the fruit still intact. It’s much less water intensive and changes the flavors that ultimately end up in your cup. But it has to be done carefully and skillfully, which brings us to …
      • Third, this coffee comes from Las Lajas micromill, a renowned multi-generational family operation dedicated to quality, innovation in coffee processing, and organic and sustainable farming practices. This closely-tied system and relationship also ensures all involved are paid fairly. Meet the Chacon family in this video!
This coffee currently has very limited availability, so get on it!

The specialness of this coffee does come with a slightly higher price tag. Coffee Club members, however, will be getting it as part of their normal subscription, underlining one of the key benefits of membership: Locked in prices. Take a look at membership options, which always include priority shipping in the price (and other perks!).