Decaf: Colombia Cundinamarca Exelso

Available in 12 oz. and 20 oz. biodegradable bags.

In the Colombia region of Cundinamarca, coffee is grown mostly on shaded mountain slopes and is an essential industry for residents of the region (see below for more information).

This decaf from Colombia has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane process, a process free of synthetic chemicals and maintains much of the original integrity of the green coffee. For more information check out this chart.

This coffee has mild acidity, milk chocolate base with raisin and subtle raspberry sweetness.


Origin Colombia
Region Cundinamarca
Producer Various small holders
Variety Castillo: 95%, Colombia: 2%, Caturra: 3%
Altitude 1750 masl
Processing Method Washed, sugarcane decaffeination process
We taste Milk chocolate, raisin, subtle raspberry

During the 1800s travelers from Bogota settled in Cundinamarca and planted the first coffee trees in the region. To these settlers, coffee was more than just a crop. It was an opportunity to ward off an era of insecurity and uncertainty.

Coffee remains an important crop for Cundinamarca. It has improved the socioeconomic condition of the region and employs a significant number of workers.

Coffee plants found ideal living conditions throughout the Eastern Andean range, and to a smaller extent on the slopes of the Llanos Orientales (Eastern Plains). Boundless biodiversity and generous ecosystems yielded diverse coffee terroirs. These elements along with eco-friendly coffee producers allowed coffee to grow and flourish in a predominantly shade systems.

The coffee tradition is the pillar and main source of income for thousands of families in Cundinamarca. Ecotourism has been gaining importance as well. It is the perfect opportunity for families that want to experience the seed-to-cup process and enjoy amazing natural wonders. There are seven coffee routes throughout 69 municipalities in Cundinamarca. They are all characterized by their deep commitment to sustainable coffee production on lush mountainous landscapes.

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12 oz., 20 oz.


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