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Coffee Club membership. Choice of monthly quantity of the founder’s hand-selected, freshly roasted specialty coffee, plus other benefits. Auto pay monthly, or save by prepaying for three, six or 12 months.

Local pickup and home delivery available on the 15th of the month. For home delivery a shipping cost of $8 per month will be added.
Decaf and pre-ground available upon request.

From: $17.00 / month


Coffee club membership. Choice of quantity of hand-selected, freshly roasted specialty coffee per month, plus other benefits. Local pickup and home delivery available. For home delivery a shipping cost of $8 per month will be added.

Club members receive:

.:A bag of One Up One Down founder-selected, freshly roasted limited edition coffee, available only to Club members, available for pickup or shipped on the 15th of each month. We try to explore the different varieties, agricultural techniques and processing methods in addition to the various locations in the coffee growing world.

.:15% discount on all website purchases, including coffee, brewing equipment, apparel, etc.*

.:15% off at our caffe in Trenton.

.:First crack (roasting pun)** at new limited releases and special events.

You’ll not only enjoy great coffee, you’ll also get to know the region and the farmers from where it originated. Each month we’ll introduce you to somewhere, and someone, new.

Club members also receive priority offers on limited edition coffees and merchandise and other benefits to be added.

The best part is you’re locked in at one great price regardless of the cost of the month’s featured coffee. Individual coffees can range significantly in price. But for Club members it’s as steady as … well, something staunchly steady.

Memberships are now available as monthly, or with our community supported agriculture (CSA) model of three, six and 12 months. The longer the membership, the less expensive it is for you! The plan will be automatically renewed until cancelled.

Not sure how much to get per month? How many cups per day do you need to brew?

    • 12 oz. is about a cup every other day
    • 24 oz. is about a cup per day
    • 60 oz. is more than 2 cups per day
    • 5 lbs. is more than 3 cups per day

More detailed FAQ coming soon!


12 oz. whole bean, 24 oz. whole bean, 60 oz. whole bean, 5 lbs. whole bean


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