Rwanda Ibisi Bya Huye Mountain Peaberry

Available in 12 oz. and 20 oz. compostable bags.

This is an interesting coffee. First, it’s a peaberry (see below). Second, it’s complex in a way that’s different from any other coffee we’ve offered thus far. One sip may be dominated by the savory, herbal notes. The next sip you may feel honey on your tongue. Sip number three might be a combination of the first two sips with a baker’s chocolate finish.

This coffee is from a washing station in the Huye Mountains of Rwanda. “Ibisi Bya Huye” is an old local name for this high elevation region. The washing station acts as a buying site where small-scale farmers in this highland community can sell their coffee cherry during the harvest.


A peaberry is an abnormality of a coffee cherry in which only one seed (“coffee bean”) develops, instead of the typical two. So instead of two flat-sided seeds (or beans), one round seed grows. The peaberries, which are on average five percent of coffee cherries, are seperated to be sold as a lot.

Origin Rwanda
Region Huye Mountain
Producer Ibisi Bya Huye Mountain Washing Station
Variety Bourbon Peaberry
Altitude 2000 masl
Processing Method Washed
We taste ¬†Herbal tea, spice and baker’s chocolate.
Weight N/A

12 oz., 20 oz.


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