Flores Wolo Wio


Flores Wolo Wio (SOLD OUT!)

This coffee is an example of the green and white seal of certification not serving as the be-all for sustainably grown coffee. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Flores, an Indonesian island, allows for a fully organic growing process, but the farms and processor are not certified.

Wolo Wio is a blend of coffees from five neighboring towns in the Ngada District of Flores. Much of the kinship groups in these areas are matrilineal, with land being passed through women. Because of this, you see a lot more women in leadership positions at the farm and cooperative levels. Most of the coffees are processed on hand cranked or motorized depulping machines on the farm, fermentation in buckets or small tanks, and then drying on raised drying beds.

Origin Flores/Indonesia
Region Kampung Wolo Wio, Ngada District
Co-op Primavera
Variety Linie-S795
Grade Grade 1
Processing Method Washed
We taste Mild dark chocolate, muted sweetness, good body


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