Espresso Drinks (Latte/Capp/Etc.)

Single origin espresso

All milk drinks are non-dairy; oat (Oatly brand) or macadamia (extra charge).

Blend of the week 6/14: Papua New Guinea Simbai & Ethiopia Guji Guracho (washed)
Decaf single origin sugarcane process Colombia Cundinamarca Exelso also available! Please indicate in order notes.

Please indicate preferred pickup time in order notes Sunday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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Double Shot, Americano, Americano ICED, Latte w/ Oat, Latte w/ Macadamia (+$.50), Latte w/ Oat ICED, Latte w/ Macadamia ICED, Cappuccino w/ Oat, Cappuccino w/ Macadamia


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