The One Up One Down Coffee Club is one part coffee subscription, one part inner circle, one part CSA.

Members of the One Up One Down Coffee Club receive:

  • A bag (or bags) of new limited edition coffee, once a month.
  • 15% discount on all website purchases, including coffee, brewing equipment, apparel, etc.*
  • 15% off at our caffe in Trenton.
  • First crack (roasting pun)** at new limited releases and special events.  

How does it work? 

First, decide whether you’ll pick up coffee at our caffe in Trenton or if you’d like it shipped to your door. Then choose how much coffee you would like per month (12 oz. is about a cup every other day, 24 oz. is about a cup per day, 60 oz. is more than 2 cups per day, 5 lbs. is more than 3 cups per day.)

Head roaster and founder Vince Camiolo will then hand-select new beans each month for Club members, carefully roast them, package them to be picked up or shipped to your door on the 15th of each month.

If you’re local, you pick them up on the 15th; otherwise, we’ll ship them on the 15th, within a day or so of roasting, right to your door.

You sign up to have your account charged monthly, or save some money and prepay for three, six or 12 months for the Club membership.

Why else should I join? 

Members get to explore the world of coffee without the shopping and research. Each month we’ll explore a different coffee from a different part of the world, different variety, and/or different method of cultivation and processing – typically some combination of all. 

Plus, after you join, you’re locked in at one great price no matter how much the featured coffee might cost. And that featured coffee is available exclusively to Club members (if there’s some left over we release it to the general public after the end of the month).

Why should I prepay instead of paying monthly? 

You’re welcome to pay monthly, however the original model for the Club was based on the idea of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). By purchasing a membership with One Up One Down, you are supporting a small, family-run business committed to sourcing coffee beans from small, sustainable, family-run farms or cooperatives. Not only do you save money by prepaying, but it also helps tremendously with planning (and cash flow) when sourcing coffees for the Club.

In return, you’ll receive a variety of exceedingly delicious coffee roasted with care and a deeper connection with your morning cup. 

Ready to get started? 

So are we! Click here and let’s get you sign up!


** First crack refers to a stage of the coffee roasting process when things get really exciting; the beans can no longer contain themselves and burst open with a crack, doubling their original size and releasing energy (vapor and CO2) that has been building during the roast.